Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 9: Blinds are dirty. Blinds are tedious.

Today I planned on cleaning Ely's playroom but it is so cluttery I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I thought tackling the 2 dining room blinds would be an easier task. The task was simple but tedious. I cannot say I enjoyed it. The best part was getting to use my new cleaning tool: socks!  My book recommended using socks sprayed with water (I used my all purpose cleaner) to clean blinds quicker.  This task was not quick but using socks certainly helped me clean more thoroughly and because you wear the socks, you don’t ever have to worry about dropping a cleaning rag during this vertically challenging feat.

010912 001

Here is what the sock looked like BEFORE:             

010912 003   

And here is AFTER some cleaning.

010912 004                                  

I had to change my pair of socks after the first window because they were disgusting. I used both sides and as much of the sock as I could.

010912 005

Here is an action shot of me doing the last window.  Notice how grey the socks look, I had turned the socks around so I wouldn’t be trying to clean with dirty socks!  I was sweating by this point and couldn’t wait to finish.  I also felt compelled to clean the window panes. They were just as dingy!  Unfortunately JW had come downstairs and started correcting my window cleaning technique!  The nerve!  I am a horrible window cleaner and I know it. But since this was the first time since anyone had cleaned these windows my only goal was to remove the first layer of grime. They are not perfectly clean but they do look better.  The paper towels I used to wipe them down provide the evidence that I removed at least one layer of nastiness. 

010912 006

I DO NOT want to think about how many more blinds I have to clean in my house. I will probably not be cleaning blinds tomorrow. Although I am a sucker for torture and pain, so who knows?  The good news is that it's January 9th and two of my blinds are now clean.

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