Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 63 through 65: Ketchup cleaning

Day 63 I relied on my Sunday school clean up duty, yet again. But I hit a personal record in running! The last 5K I ran was before Ely was born and I ran in about 31 minutes. My goal for Sunday was to be in the 29 minute range and I came in at around 28:55! Yay me, Glory to God, whose Spirit is one of strength and ability! (2 Timothy 1:7)

So Day 64 I started to catch up a little on my housework. I blessed the name of JW since he finally got me a razor to scrape the stovetop with. It was so rewarding to remove old food stains! I'm not done cleaning the burners but I made ok progress.

030612 004

I also washed Ely's tub.  We like to color with bath crayons and it was definitely time to wash it all off.

030612 005

Ta daaa!

030612 008

Today was Day 65 and after a torturous dental cleaning I managed to at least clean Ely's toilet bowl. I don’t have pictures but once again I love, love, love my BioKleen toilet bowl cleaner!!!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 62: Laundry room love

Saturday I spent considerable time wiping down the washer and dryer because somehow they were covered with laundry soap, lint and weird litter.  Then I decided to clean the flimsy and filthy mini blinds. Yucky!

030412 025

You may not know it, but this here is my laundry room organized!! Yay!

030412 027

Friday, March 2, 2012

Days 57 through 61: Week in a flash

Day 57 is so hard to remember that far back. I think JW put Ely down to bed so I cleaned up after dinner. 

Day 58 I swept the back door entry.

Day 59 was my most ambitious cleaning day. JW put Ely down to bed so it was my turn to do the dishes and boy, were there dishes!  After I left the kitchen sparkling I got my week long wish to mop my floors!  I had swept the kitchen almost daily hoping to find the time and strength to mop but kept getting sidetracked. With the kitchen all to myself I finally found the time.  I swept and mopped the kitchen, the living room and a sticky patch in Ely's playroom.  Once JW got downstairs and saw me he asked if I wanted him to move the couch so I could sweep behind it. I was not even offended.  I swept up a big pile of dust and even mopped off some sticky spots. Why in the world would there be sticky spots back there??

022912 009

Day 60 was another cleaning up the kitchen after dinner day because JW was out, not very interesting…

Today was Day 61 and my cleaning motivation was really suffering. I think I miss my Idiot Cleaning book. I had to return it to the library and my life just hasn’t been the same since. I literally had to ask God for the motivation and energy because I just didn’t have it. This was 4 o clock in the afternoon people! Finally around 6p I got dinner ready for Ely and JW then isolated myself in the playroom. Also know as the bane of my existence. This is why. There are too many toys out of place and no designated place for nearly all the toys.  Again I prayed because I am not good at organizing chaos. I can handle putting things back where they go but NOT deciding where they should go.

030212 003

Notice the baby dolls being put to bed on the floor. How sad!

030212 004

I got this great toy storage shelf thing a long time ago but as you can I have never figured out how to store toys in it!  It is a disaster.

030212 005

Here is what I came up with.  I took out a laundry basket full of toys out of the playroom to store away. Then I put 4 of Ely's many baby dolls and gave them all their own little bed and blanket. Next, I made a Yo Gabba Gabba box, a Unifix cube box, a mini Disney Princess box, a purse accessory box, a musical instrument box, a purses box and a crown and dress up box. I am missing a box so I need to clean it and put it back. It is an act of the Holy Spirit for me to have accomplished this level of organization. Thank you Holy Spirit! Afterwards Ely and I played with the Princesses and practiced putting them back in their place.

030212 016

Look at the table!!  So free of clutter! I even wiped down the slide because it was a bit smudgy.  Tomorrow I am going to spot sweep the room.

030212 014

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 54, 55 & 56: Blah, boring, blah

Unfortunately another boring post. I have had hurried and uneventful cleaning, waaaa!  Day 54 I washed our kitchen seat cushions and cleaned up after dinner because JW was out.   Day 55 I wiped some counters down and today Day 56 is not over but I woke up very early and swept the kitchen, cleaned our dining tables, rearranged Ely's red dining table, unloaded the dishwasher and cleaned up after making waffles….all before 8am.  And now I am on my way to strip our beds to wash the sheets! Oh and I cleaned the potty in Sunday school about 5 times.  Whew!  I hope this coming week I will finally make time to mop my kitchen floors!!! And do some thrilling cleaning for a change Smile

Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 53: Kitchen sweep

I know this is totally boring but perseverance often is super extremely boring and annoying.  I had  a full day that began at exactly 5 am, praise God for that! Wouldn’t you think that waking up at 5am would give me lots of cleaning time?? Nope. I worked out early, got Ely ready for Bible study then JW and I had a date to go to Winter Jam. When we got home (way after my new bedtime) I swept the kitchen. Isn't that so faithful?  I have wanted to mop my floors since Monday but have been prevented…so I swept again in hopes of mopping on Day 54. I will just have to wait and see.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 52: Patio, part 2 and then some

So this  morning when I stepped outside to see our patio, it was littered in leaves again! Ha! Oh well, but look how clean our bubble bucket is.

022212 007

The stroller is totally baby doll worthy now. (Though not a great picture)

022212 022

I had some help with the picnic table from Ely and her girlfriend Coco. Little girls cannot resist cleaning!

022212 023

I also gave some considerable TLC to our window seats. My window seats were previously extremely cluttered with all my teaching materials for Ely's alphabet lessons. I sorted, chunked and organized it all.  What you see here are highly organized and streamlined window seats. Really. Seriously. This is neat. It's my downstairs home office Smile 

022212 025

Count the bags on this seat…yeah baby, just one!!

022212 026

And perhaps my proudest DEcluttering today, I got a 3 drawer mobile organizer for the crazy overflow from Ely's educational materials. Maybe I can find things easier now.

022212 027

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 51: Patio cleaning, part 1

It was nearly 80 degrees in Cedar Park today. Praise the Lord!  With weather like this, it is a sin to stay indoors. Ely and I were playing when I noticed how gross all her outdoor toys are. The patio was  also in poor shape, littered with leaves and sand. And the furniture arrangement…a tragedy.  The weather motivated me to clean but also the fact that we have 2 gorgeous girlies coming over tomorrow and they happen to love playing with Ely outside!!  Who can play in such filth? Well actually they totally can but I need to clean!!

022112 001

Ely was trying to blow bubbles with her non spill bubble bucket we bought last summer but it wasn’t working. I was disgusted when I opened it and found a mysterious mixture of brown rain water and bubble solution. Eeeeeww!  Tomorrow it will be as clean as new. I immediately dumped out the brown water but you can see a little grime on the blue bucket base.

022112 002

The concrete pad I call a patio was covered in leaves and sand. I swept it all onto the grass. Don’t tell JW. I'm not sure if that’s good for the grass.

022112 003

Ely's little picnic table is also filthy and will be cleaned tomorrow.

022112 005

This poor little baby stroller…probably should have never been let outdoors but tomorrow it will once again be clean enough for a baby doll.  Can you tell I'm a sucker for extreme makeovers?

022112 006

And here is my gorgeous girl delighting herself in beating Foofa as hard as she can.

022112 019

And here is the after shot of the patio. Although I moved the slide OFF the concrete after I noticed a warning on it saying: Never place on hard surfaces. Oops. After a fun and soapy cleaning session tomorrow morning, we will be ready for our playdate!

022112 022

Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 49, 50 & 51: Uneventful cleaning…

Day 49: I swept the dining room, whoop- dee-doo.

Day 50:  Was actually interesting but not for cleaning purposes. I fasted from food all day so I struggled all day with fatigue and low blood sugar. So early in the day at Sunday school I made sure to be the one to sweep and wipe the bathroom down after class was out. Isn't that convenient?  I also cleaned my heart out to God during my fast Smile

Day 51: If yesterday I fasted, today I gorged. I really ate too much food, bleh.  I ate and and ate just out of compulsion!  Worse yet, I made a really yummy corn salsa and accidentally put 6 cloves of raw garlic in it!  I ate a lot of it then realized that eating that much raw garlic feels like pouring cement into my stomach. Part of why I ate too  much is because I kept trying to eat something to get rid of the awful taste on my tongue. Nothing works, not Jello, not chocolate, not dinner, not ice cream, not even brushing.

I felt yucky all day and did not feel like making a big cleaning production. Fortunately JW asked for a night off of cleaning up the kitchen so once again, saved by Provision. I cleaned everything up and had a scraping session with the stovetop. I used  a kitchen knife (don’t try this at home) because JW forgot to buy me a razor at Home Depot. He is not happy with me for using our kitchen knife to clean. Maybe now he will remember to buy my razor.  Our kitchen is sparkly…until morning.  Tomorrow I will read my Idiot book for inspiration because yet again it has left me high and dry.

022012 003

Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 48: Closet Purification

Yesterday I needed a fresh dose of motivation for my cleaning craze, so I read my Idiot book.  There is a page that offered some tips on cleaning out  a clothing closet. My closet is sometimes my prayer refuge and other times my dirty laundry disposal. It is out of control. And if it is messy, I do not feel like praying in there AND I never know what to wear!! Both situations are unacceptable to my life.  Here is a before picture.

021712 002

The book recommends taking EVERYTHING out of your closet. I am an extreme kind of girl so that sounded like a fabulous idea. It was important for me to start this project early in the day so that I had all day to work through the piles. I didn’t want JW to come home to the disaster but it happened anyway.  I took all the clothes out on this back wall and here is the bare result. Once it was empty I vacuumed and…drumroll please…cleaned the baseboards. I love cleaning baseboards. Does that make me weird?

021712 004

Here are the piles. Both my QuinceaƱera dress an my wedding dress are among the rubble. 

021712 008

Because I have become a Dust Hater, I sprayed a rag with all purpose cleaner and cleaned my shelf.

021712 009

The book recommended sorting everything in your closet in 3 piles: Keep, Toss and Give Away. I skipped the Toss pile and gathered about 40 garments to give to Goodwill.  The author also recommended sorting clothes according to use. For example, office clothes, work out clothes, etc.  But I am obsessed with rainbows….

021712 016

The author also recommended tossing out your shoe boxes and getting a shoe rack so shoes can dry more thoroughly. This step is hard for me because I love collecting and repurposing boxes but I cannot hoard 10 shoe boxes!   But fortunately I have a 3 tier shelf inside my closet that I was previously using for miscellaneous things. It is now my shoe rack/t shirt shelf.  Notice all the empty hangers above!  Just last week I was frustrated because I had run out of hangers, now my cup runneth over!

021712 025

I even found room for towel storage and purses with those bulky shoe boxes out of there. Don’t worry they will get recycled Smile.

021712 024

I am very excited about my now gorgeous closet. Now that I have a better idea of what clothes I have (and where they are) I am going to spend some time tomorrow putting outfits together so I don’t fret every time I have to get dressed. Fun!

Day 47: New cleaner!

Isn't it cute? It smells lovely. It is made with grapefruit seed and orange peel and I got it because it was the first orange cleaner that didn’t contain limonene, which may be toxic.  I sprayed my shower stall with it, let it sit for about 10 minutes then scrubbed it off with water. I think it did a pretty good job. I want to clean our bathroom counters with it too but had no time today because Ely and I were blessed with some company by Frances, Baby Z and Hattie. Ely didn’t know her grandmother would be stopping by for a visit. I have never seen that child so happy.

Since my baby friend Zachary was crawling all over the kitchen floor, I went ahead and swept it. Babies are great at pointing out where the dirty spots are! Not the most ambitious cleaning day but we had a great afternoon with Frances & Hattie. Especially since Frances and her hubby helped me figure out how to use my laptop as a phone!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 46: Cleaning is often hairy…at least for me.

I had started this job last week and today was so nice outside that I finished it and then some. I swept up our back porch.

021512 004

After I shook out our mat I noticed it was coated with a freaky layer of hair. It was mostly my hair because it was long and dark. How did it end up there??

 021512 008

I was inspired by my Idiot book to think of a creative way to pick it all up. Duct tape is my friend.

021512 009

That is definitely my hair. I do not stand on my welcome mat and pull my hair out, I promise!

021512 011

The hairless  mat.

021512 012

And my Cinderella.

021512 016

While outside I also cleaned a couple of Ely's outdoor toys and 2 car windows. Then I went upstairs and tried to declog my bathroom sink drain because I clogged it with all of my…hair.  My Idiot book says to pour 1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar down the drain to declog it. Wait a couple of hours and then pour lots of hot water down the drain too. My sink is less clogged so I may do another round of declogging on Day 47.  Day 47 I will tackle my shower stall with my new orange cleaner, yay!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 45: Sewing room love

Ever since the big party, my sewing room had been in awful condition.  I used my cutting table for the party and had not put it back in its place. The table sits against the windows and I didn’t want to put the table back until I had cleaned the pesky blinds.  Yesterday during Ely's nap I finally carved out some time and motivation to get dirty.

JW bought me this handy blinds cleaning tool at Home Depot last Sunday, but since my sewing room blinds hadn't been cleaned in…never, I quickly resorted to my sock cleaning method.  I think the blinds tool is great for regular cleaning. But if your blinds are dingy like mine were, you need socks!  What I liked most about this handy little green tool is that the microfiber cover is machine washable. I had also picked out several other tools but was only allowed to buy this one. Smile 

 021512 002

My sewing room seemed brighter afterwards. I also did a little bit of dusting. My desk/sewing table is so cluttered right now that I have to wait to finish dusting until I can clear it off.

021512 001

If filling up surface area with projects were a sport I would probably compete in the Olympics. After cleaning and setting up my table, I quickly filled it with all my TO DO or rather TO CUT projects. These piles are actually educational materials and not junk, I promise. I had been storing these up (from my teaching days) for the right time. Or rather, I was waiting to have time to cut these materials out. Now I am all set up to sit down and cut in front of the TV when I get some….time.  But when I finally do, Ely and I will enjoy playing with them for her alphabet lessons.

021512 003

Monday, February 13, 2012

Days 43 & 44: Three toilets and biokleen.

Day 43 was a bit meager. I was extremely busy and remembered at bedtime that I had not cleaned anything! Then someone (must have been God) reminded me that I did clean the kids’ tables and sweep the floors in Sunday school! Yay! I didn’t clean anything in my house but I did clean something in God’s house.  It is a bit of a stretch but remember we are under grace! It was the Sabbath, after all.  Today I bought myself a very nerdy Valentine’s Day present.

021312 003

I had been using baking soda and vinegar. But I couldn’t resist a biokleen toilet scrub. I cleaned all 3 of our toilets today and let me just say, this stuff smells good! The scent made me feel like I was in a spa instead of cleaning toilets.  I also liked that the instructions said it wasn’t necessary to let the product sit before scrubbing.  My new toilet scrub uses natural Volcanic Perlite and Lime Peel Extracts to clean instead of stinky bleach. Loved it!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Days 41 & 42: Dust bunnies are nasty.

Day 41 was even more boring than Day 40. I cleaned the 3rd shelf in the fridge. Whoop-dee-doo.  Today however was very exciting. If exciting for you means, getting dirty.  During my quiet time I became inspired by something I read in Exodus about Aaron and decided to hang up Scripture in the living room. Strategically behind the television, to be precise. 

Anyhow, in order to tape the verses I had to move the TV. And you can guess what happened next.  Here is the discovery part of my process. The discovery of dust full-grown rabbits. Yuck.

021112 002

Warning: the following images are not suitable for germophobes or OCD clean freaks.

021112 003

I know this is all very graphic but this is a cleaning blog after all.

021112 005

This is our Jungle of Cables.  I vacuumed the Dust Monsters up then wiped all surfaces down with all purpose cleaner.  I cleaned the entirety of the entertainment system. The TV, the Play Station, the stereo, speakers, everything!  Then I tried a tip from Readers Digest. Afterwards, I wiped everything down with a used dryer sheet. Readers Digest claimed this helps prevent dust accumulation. We will see about that.

021112 004

And now I leave you with an encouraging verse I heard at Bible study this week. 

  These older women must train the younger women to love their husbands and their children, to live wisely and be pure, to take care of their homes, to do good, and to be submissive to their husbands. Then they will not bring shame on the word of God.

Titus 2:3-5

I am definitely hard at work in my home. Now about that submissiveness business….