Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 25: Windows & A Breakthrough!

I blew off Yoga today. Then I blew off story time at the library. And we had a nice day of staying home. Ely found the window decorations I bought for her this week and of course she wanted to decorate! But first I had to clean the door again because Missy Moo put her paws all over it since I last cleaned it. And I needed to get the tape residue off. My old Exacto knife came in handy to scrape off the sticky mess. Here is Ely apr├Ęs mon window cleaning.

012512 016

I cleaned the outside too. Ely was talking REALLY LOUD while I was on the other side of the door. Silly girl.

012512 014

Then I Windexed my sink window so we decorate it too. Then I decided to start decorating for the birthday party…I'm pretty sure I am being overly zealous. But I don’t want to be stressed the week of!

012512 023

And here is my breakthrough!!! I am finally tackling the beast that is Ely's playroom.  I cleaned the blinds and the window on the right. And I even recruited my photog to help me empty her playroom so I can sweep and mop first thing Thursday morning.

012512 025

In retrospect I should have done a before shot of Ely's room before we moved everything out. I will try and remember to take pics as I re-organize it tomorrow.  Please note my glamorous cleaning outfit. Sweatpants!

012512 030

Here is the very satisfying (and annoying) work of removing tape residue from the windows. I vow to STOP putting tape on the windows. At the very least I need to stop leaving it on for months!

012512 031

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