Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 7: DIRT not welcome here!

I just completed my daily cleaning…just in time before midnight.  I tried Pilates today, ran a billion errands, baked a dessert and went on a date so I ended up having to clean at 11 o clock at night. I made JW drive our babysitter home so I could clean.  This of course was totally weird to him, so I had to tell him the truth about my resolution. He is extremely happy about it. I chose a relatively easy task: the guest bathroom toilet. Notice I didn’t say toilet bowl, but toilet. That includes the linty underbelly and backside of the toilet! 

010711 001

Since cleaning is a bit of a chain reaction, I could not ignore the sink!  Here is a pic of me cleaning the sink with my new sink sponge. Now that my blog is not a secret anymore, JW can be my photographer.

010711 004

I had never cleaned behind the sink's base. There was this gross pile up of grime and dirt back there. This was the second sponge full of yuckers.


010711 008

Whew! New Year's resolution done just in time!  Tomorrow I will talk about my new cleaning supplies!

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