Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 1: Chole in Da House

I just finished reading The Help today. It only took me a few days but the perseverance and dominion of will of the maids in the book has inspired me to start this blog.

In the book, the maids worked all day cleaning, scrubbing, cooking, mopping, dusting SOMEBODY ELSE'S HOUSE! Not only were they paid less than minimum wage, but they were often treated like less than human because of their skin color.

I sure felt like a brat when I compared my life to theirs. So in an attempt to grab a hold of my self-will I have challenged myself to clean at least one thing everyday for the next 365 days. Regular daily chores are not included.

My motivation to clean for a year comes from my extreme lack of motivation to clean my house. I have been a full time mom for 2 years and 11 months and yet I am still waiting on Chole (pronounced: "choh— leh") to show up and clean my house like God intended.

Chole is the fictional maid my mom always referred to when I was a kid. She would say something like: "Clean up that mess, Chole is not coming today!"

I often notice little nooks in my house that are just plain linty or grubby and wonder when someone is going to get around to cleaning that. The buck stops here ladies and gentlemen. Chole is here now.

I had a busy day of keeping other resolutions today so I didn’t actually get around to cleaning until about 7:30 at night but I mustered up the motivation knowing I had a blog to write. And I chose a chore that would have an added bonus at the end: a bubbly bath!

This is a pic of some of the grubby lint that has accumulated over the last few months in our garden tub.


It was a little irritating that once I got all geared up to clean the tub, suddenly the will to clean Ely's humidifier invaded my being. That increased my clean thing total to: 2!


Suddenly I remembered I had never cleaned the top of the shower wall. Clean thing #3!


I also managed to clean a few mirrors before I decided that enough was enough! Here is a celebratory pic of my bubbly and clean bathtub.


Only 364 more days of cleaning left!

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