Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 8: Sunday is no rest day for cleaning!

Now that JW knows all about my secret, he is full of suggestions and recommendations. Sigh. One of those recommendations was to take the day off. NOT. Dirt does not have a Sabbath and neither do I, at least not in terms of the year 2012.  Hmmm, if I go out of town and visit friends or family what will I do?  I suppose I will just have to clean for them too.   Please let me clean something if I stay at your house!!!

Moving right along since it is nearly 11 o clock, here is a picture of my new concentrated all purpose cleaner!  Meyers brand was the cleanest and greenest and most affordable concentrated solution I found. I got rid of the orange stuff because it contained limonene.  I got the new stuff at Whole Foods and made my first batch using my new 99 cent spray bottle from Home Depot.


2 Tablespoons of Meyers (in lavender scent)

32 oz of warm water

This cleaner is all purpose and good for wiping counters, floors, galore!  I cleaned this windowsill too!

010812 006

We had a great Sunday today both at church and at home. JW and I took a nap while watching Planet Earth so after naptime, it was time to get to business. Here is what I cleaned today:

Drawer pulls and handles in the kitchen,

010812 007

The coffee maker! This is newsworthy because though I love coffee, I had never in my whole life cleaned a coffeemaker.  JW always did it when he remembered.  I filled the water reservoir with vinegar then turned it on. JW made me run 3 cycles of water afterwards!! My Idiot Cleaning book did not say to do that but he insisted it was necessary!  Sigh.  Then I poured some baking soda into our disposal and poured the hot vinegar from the coffeemaker down the drain to clean it too.  It was fizzy yet again. Still exciting for me!

010812 001

I also wiped the countertops with my new all purpose cleaner plus a counter top that I don’t normally clean: the wine/bar countertop. It was pretty filthy!  Notice my ruffly apron?  Christmas gift. Thanks Hattie! 

I also swept the kitchen but that does not count as my one cleaning thing because according to my book, that is something that should be a daily cleaning task. So part of my resolution is to get into the daily sweeping habit.   Tomorrow I may clean Ely's playroom sweep under the couches and….we'll see what else!

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