Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 63 through 65: Ketchup cleaning

Day 63 I relied on my Sunday school clean up duty, yet again. But I hit a personal record in running! The last 5K I ran was before Ely was born and I ran in about 31 minutes. My goal for Sunday was to be in the 29 minute range and I came in at around 28:55! Yay me, Glory to God, whose Spirit is one of strength and ability! (2 Timothy 1:7)

So Day 64 I started to catch up a little on my housework. I blessed the name of JW since he finally got me a razor to scrape the stovetop with. It was so rewarding to remove old food stains! I'm not done cleaning the burners but I made ok progress.

030612 004

I also washed Ely's tub.  We like to color with bath crayons and it was definitely time to wash it all off.

030612 005

Ta daaa!

030612 008

Today was Day 65 and after a torturous dental cleaning I managed to at least clean Ely's toilet bowl. I don’t have pictures but once again I love, love, love my BioKleen toilet bowl cleaner!!!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 62: Laundry room love

Saturday I spent considerable time wiping down the washer and dryer because somehow they were covered with laundry soap, lint and weird litter.  Then I decided to clean the flimsy and filthy mini blinds. Yucky!

030412 025

You may not know it, but this here is my laundry room organized!! Yay!

030412 027

Friday, March 2, 2012

Days 57 through 61: Week in a flash

Day 57 is so hard to remember that far back. I think JW put Ely down to bed so I cleaned up after dinner. 

Day 58 I swept the back door entry.

Day 59 was my most ambitious cleaning day. JW put Ely down to bed so it was my turn to do the dishes and boy, were there dishes!  After I left the kitchen sparkling I got my week long wish to mop my floors!  I had swept the kitchen almost daily hoping to find the time and strength to mop but kept getting sidetracked. With the kitchen all to myself I finally found the time.  I swept and mopped the kitchen, the living room and a sticky patch in Ely's playroom.  Once JW got downstairs and saw me he asked if I wanted him to move the couch so I could sweep behind it. I was not even offended.  I swept up a big pile of dust and even mopped off some sticky spots. Why in the world would there be sticky spots back there??

022912 009

Day 60 was another cleaning up the kitchen after dinner day because JW was out, not very interesting…

Today was Day 61 and my cleaning motivation was really suffering. I think I miss my Idiot Cleaning book. I had to return it to the library and my life just hasn’t been the same since. I literally had to ask God for the motivation and energy because I just didn’t have it. This was 4 o clock in the afternoon people! Finally around 6p I got dinner ready for Ely and JW then isolated myself in the playroom. Also know as the bane of my existence. This is why. There are too many toys out of place and no designated place for nearly all the toys.  Again I prayed because I am not good at organizing chaos. I can handle putting things back where they go but NOT deciding where they should go.

030212 003

Notice the baby dolls being put to bed on the floor. How sad!

030212 004

I got this great toy storage shelf thing a long time ago but as you can I have never figured out how to store toys in it!  It is a disaster.

030212 005

Here is what I came up with.  I took out a laundry basket full of toys out of the playroom to store away. Then I put 4 of Ely's many baby dolls and gave them all their own little bed and blanket. Next, I made a Yo Gabba Gabba box, a Unifix cube box, a mini Disney Princess box, a purse accessory box, a musical instrument box, a purses box and a crown and dress up box. I am missing a box so I need to clean it and put it back. It is an act of the Holy Spirit for me to have accomplished this level of organization. Thank you Holy Spirit! Afterwards Ely and I played with the Princesses and practiced putting them back in their place.

030212 016

Look at the table!!  So free of clutter! I even wiped down the slide because it was a bit smudgy.  Tomorrow I am going to spot sweep the room.

030212 014