Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 21: Day of Firsts

Day 21 was absolutely a day of unprecedented-ness.  It was Saturday and I initiated a day of cleaning. And I made my very first pineapple upside cake.  If you know my maiden name, it is pretty silly I never made this cake before. But now that I have,  I will make it again soon, it is very, very sweet. Just like me! Ha! 

012212 002

Here is my yummy creation adorning the Russell birthday party. The best way to eat this cake is with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

012212 030

And here is the birthday couple cutting it. Eliana waited all night long for this moment!

012212 041



I made the cake first thing after breakfast because I had ambitions to clean all the dirt out of our house.  As usual, my ambition was a bit lofty, but there is certainly less dirt around here than prior to Saturday.  JW was in charge of cleaning our bedroom ceiling fan: dust free!

012212 005

I started to clean the laundry room but only had time to finish a little bit. I cleaned half the top shelf (it was grimy), cleaned the very dusty top of the washer and dryer and started to organize my cleaning friends. Yes they are my friends now.

012212 006

This is my dust free washer:

012212 028

I finally got around to starting in on the upstairs blinds. Eliana's blinds were not nearly as filthy as the downstairs blinds. I wonder why? I had to use paper towels because ALL of my cleaning rags were dirty. Isn't that funny?  I cleaned them with my all purpose cleaner. Then I Windexed the windows. I hate the smell! Cant wait to finish up the gallon (not kidding) of Windex so I can breathe while I clean! I guess I should prioritize Windexing ALL my windows so I can finish quicker! I still have to dust Ely's room but at least her windows are good.

012212 008

And here is my anality on proud display.  I want my toilets' undersides to be extremely clean. I don’t know why cleaning them makes me so happy….

012212 011

I accidentally started cleaning Eliana's bathroom. Here is her sparkly clean sink.

012212 016

I experimented a bit on the bathtubs. While I was organizing the laundry room I came upon my very old Borax (from my teaching days) and read the box.  It promised to clean my bathtub and toilets, so I gave it a whirl. Eliana was following me around so she even helped scrub the bathtubs. I used my big orange sponge, Borax and my solution of tub cleaner (mild laundry detergent and water) to clean my tub sparkly clean. Borax did not lie. It did a great job.

012212 017 

Here is our lint free master bath counter. I hate cleaning the counter because I can't just splash water everywhere to rinse it out, there is lint and dust EVERYWHERE and it's so hard to clean all around the faucets. Oh well. (Note to self: keep all purpose cleaner in bathroom and clean more regularly to avoid problem.)

012212 019

By this point I was on such a cleaning roll, that I wished for more time in the day to clean. Nuts. I Boraxed the shower floor and came back to it later and scrubbed it with my tub cleaning thingy on the right. 

012212 020

This ledge is also happily dust-free:

012212 021

Our toilet also got the Susy treatment. I like to go ahead and wipe the baseboards and floor around the toilet when I clean it so the whole area is fresh and dust-free.  While on my knees wiping grime, a certain nameless man criticized my generous use of paper towels. Ahem!  I told the nameless man my rags were dirty but I was secretly glad they were. Sometimes it feels good to throw out a bunch of crusty paper towels! Rather than getting your special cleaning rags all nasty and crusty!

012212 022

Here is my friend, Winter Oak soap. I wash my hands exactly 763 times per day. I happen to feel entitled to smelly and gentle soap. More on that some other day.

012212 024

The top of our bedroom dresser makes both of us unhappy because it seems to get dusty 5 minutes after we wipe it down. So here is a picture of it NOT covered in a thin layer of dust. That’s a picture from our honeymoon.  Ignore the glass vase with the flowers. I do not have a talent for flower arranging.

012212 026

I am so very happy that we cleaned upstairs. During the week we spend all day downstairs so it is very hard to clean up there.  It’s much easier to clean downstairs. I will probably finish the laundry room on Day 22. And maybe this week I will finally clean Eliana’s playroom. Oh my goodness, it has to be cleaned before her party……I always do better with deadlines. Thanks for reading!

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