Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 15 & 16: I am allergic to dust.

OK, so for the past 2 days after I am done cleaning, I suffer a miserable allergy attack. My throat and ears itch like crazy and my nose is very runny. Inhaling dust is not fun. Yuck!  I need to come up with a solution for this problem.  My cleaning after glow is hard to enjoy when I am so itchy!! Why would God allow my throat to get itchy, if I can’t scratch it???

Anyhow, here is a picture of Ely cleaning her very own kitchen. Like I said, cleaning is contagious. 

011612 003

My cleaning chores for Day 15 were very minimal. Before bed, I wiped the stovetop, washed the leftover dishes (since someone didn’t clean them all) and washed my kitchen sink.  Today I made up for it by going all out. I cleaned up after dinner since JW put Ely down for bed. Then I cleaned up our yummy carne asada dinner. We cooked like fools tonight so we don’t have to cook the rest of the week. We enjoy leftovers at this household! 

There were lots of pots and pans to clean up. After that, I wiped down counters, the stove top and even cleaned our cooking utensil jar. I got it nice and sparkly by taking some baking soda to it (since it’s stainless steel).  Then I cleaned the last window in the living room including the dusty blinds:

011612 009

I have now cleaned all the blinds/windows in the first floor, excluding the play room. It is a zoo in there!  This week maybe I can finally tackle the playroom.  After the window, I swept the kitchen/dining floor AND mopped. Then I got really crazy and cleaned the base boards too.  I guess that’s why I’m all itchy……you can overdose on cleaning I guess. Boo hoo!!

At least my kitchen is sparkly clean.  I need to go take some Benadryl now. Hasta manana.

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