Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 22: Washing brains

Yesterday JW gave me a big gift. The most valuable gift he can give me at this present moment in time….TIME. He made a quick grocery run for me AND took Ely. Meanwhile I got to stay home and listen to the glorious sound of silence for nearly an entire hour while I worked at Party Central. And as if the gift wasn’t enough he surprised me and came home with non toxic dish soap. It is not like JW to buy something green.  He said it was on sale and that it was a pretty good value. Hallelujah!  Lesson learned: we can be green and save green.  I am washing more than countertops around here!

012312 004

Since yesterday I was busy making party hats and Foofa flowers, it was hard to make time for cleaning. But after 10 o clock at night, the opportunity presented itself. Someone who had dish duty was neglecting the stovetop so I took it upon myself to help with dish duty even though it was my night for Ely duty.

012312 005

I wiped the stovetop with all purpose cleaner and Bon Ami (and my kitchen sponge) and then started to scrape off the caked on gunk on one of the burners with a knife. I didn’t get it all but every night I will scrape a little away. At this point I was telling myself I would never NOT clean my stovetop every single night.

012312 006

Here is a close up shot. Not pretty. Three more burners to go and lots of tiny bits of caked on food residue. Yum. Not.

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