Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 17 & 18: Face mask time & new rules…

New rules time!  I initially said that my 365 cleaning tasks could not be regular daily chores. My resolution was to clean one thing beyond the normal cleaning duties of each day. The line between normal cleaning duties and new cleaning duties is getting blurred because since I began this clean freak journey, I have added new cleaning chores to my daily list!  On Day 17, I did not single out a brand new thing to clean but I did engage in lots of cleaning!!!! Just ask around these parts, I have a couple of very reliable witnesses to support my testimony. 

Day 17 was a day full of my sanity run, working on the party planning (with help, thanks Kelsie!), watching Planet Earth while eating copious amounts of popcorn and cleaning the gunk out of the kitchen!  But cleaning the kitchen nightly is supposed to be normal behavior, at least according to the author of my Idiot Cleaning book….

I realize that this cleaning year will not be perfect, shocking, I know. I will have manic days and I will have popcorn eating days. But! the new rule is that if I don’t have a superb day where I either clean something new or something that is not a daily cleaning task, I get to make up for it the next day by cleaning double…at least. There's the manic coming out again…

Today was definitely manic. When we got home from story time at the library, Eliana wanted to play outside and I wanted to clean the outside of one of my kitchen windows.   Ta daaaaa:

011812 004

I had already cleaned the inside previously, but the outside was disgusting.  I am still using Windex because I do not have permission or the stomach to throw out my old school, toxic cleaning supplies.  I do not enjoy eating Windex. I always forget that when Windex goes up, it must come down….This is a very dirty picture of the bottom of the window:

011812 006

I don’t know what to call this part of the window, but it is Nasty!  Rather, was nasty.  Once I cleaned the window, I remembered that Mary Findley (author of Idiot book) said that you should sweep your front and back patio on a weekly basis.  Since we have been in this house I have thought it was JWs job to use the leaf blower to do that.  But MF (Mary Findley) says its much quicker to sweep it up the old fashioned way, so I did.


011812 001

I regret not taking an after picture, but I'm sure you can imagine no leaves.  Then I noticed our back door's window hadn't been cleaned in about 6 months…then the door seemed filthy so I cleaned it too.  No pictures sorry. But here is some Ely eye candy:

011812 012

She wanted her picture taken with this Mama Bunny that her Hattie gave us for our backyard.

And here is what I looked like cleaning today:

011812 002

The only piece missing are goggles. I didn’t have an allergy attack after cleaning but then again I wasn’t cleaning blinds. Before I do any more blinds, I am going to Home Depot and getting some eye protection so I don’t need to scratch my eyes raw after cleaning!   If you are observant or nosy, you will notice the mess of clutter on my crafting table, I mean my dining table. This is a cleaning resolution people! NOT a DE cluttering resolution.  Maybe next year.  Seriously, show me some grace, don’t forget I am in FULL BLOWN PARTY PLANNING MODE and there is still much crafting to be done!

I nearly forgot to mention: I cleaned all the toilet bowls too!

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