Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4: Back from near death experience to sweep floors

I am happy to report that I cleaned multiple things today.  After being sick for hours Tuesday night, I certainly cleaned my stomach out. I know that’s TMI but did I mention I thought I was going to die?  Cramps like that had me wishing to see Jesus much sooner than later.

Since I did not wake up in heaven, there was cleaning to be done this morning. I still did not feel completely well but I managed to sweep the (entire) kitchen floor to Eliana's delight.  Thanks to her love of Cinderella, she thinks sweeping and cleaning is what princesses do with their day.  I'm sure that doesn’t apply to Princess Kate but it does apply to Cinderella, Rapunzel, Aurora, Snow White, Eliana and me!

In the afternoon, I had very urgent errands to do (buy coffee or suffer withdrawal) so I had to get creative to do my other chore. Since my tub is sparkly clean and Ely's tub is not (yet), I gave her a bath in my tub and swept and mopped the bathroom floor while she played.  I think my cleaning resolution is making me a genius multi tasker. 

And speaking of multi tasking, I am doing laundry right now while watching Oprah interview Steve Tyler on her new show. Since I have a very early start planned (fingers crossed) tomorrow, I need to go finish my 2 hour show. Just call me Mrs. Clean.

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