Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 26: Good Morning! Time to clean!

Last night if you recall we emptied out the playroom as much as possible so I could sweep and mop first thing. Genius plan. Not.  I have been reading my Read the Bible in a Year Bible first thing in the a.m. for a couple of weeks so it was quite dumb of me to change that up!  I still have not read it!!! A song on that later.   Here is the play mat my knees love but my cleaning resolution does not. I am anal as I have previously established….So when I clean this mat, I take it apart and clean this mat, piece by piece. Not fun but when I finish, rewarding.

012612 001

Here is my morning support team. I love you Anderson's coffee.  I am ashamed at how hazy the top looks. Next month I am buying fat free half and half.

012612 002

Here is a nasty picture of what I swept up on one half of the playroom. What's the red stuff? You may be wondering…Eliana went through a 'chewing the mat and spitting it out' phase. I have now thrown out the shedding play mat tiles, so next time I sweep, no more red rubber debris!

012612 005

Aaaaaa-leeeeee-luuu-iiiii-aaaaaa!  Clean floor! Just in time for Baby Zachary!

012612 006

I normally try to leave the spider webs alone but since the party is coming up, I had to think of all the children who don’t think that spiders are our friends. First I left it homeless then I just scooped it up and put it in the trash. I still feel bad about it. I was in a hurry! I shoulda just put it outside. Sad smile

012612 008

I didn’t take an after picture yet because even though I have moved some of the furniture and toys back into the play room, it is not done. I will wait until I finish then I will post. And I will end with another nasty sweeping pic. This is from the kitchen. Hello!!!??? I just swept and mopped last week! This is why I  need to be sweeping at least every other day.  I also vacuumed the living room rug for Baby Zachary's visit!  He totally noticed how clean the floors were.

012612 020

And here is the aforementioned song of lament:

I didn’t read my Bible this morning

I am sad about it but it’s OK

Even though I didn’t read my Bible

I know Jesus loves me anyway

When I read my Bible, I will feel so happy

I will feel the Spirit move in me!

And that dear friends is the pinnacle of my song writing abilities. Singing it really does make me go read my Bible. Especially if Ely tries to sing it.

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