Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 19: Love your enemies.

In case you are fortunate enough to NOT know what this device is, it is a PS3.  In other words, my marital enemy.   Today I showed it that even though it is the other woman, I can still show it some love by cleaning it. 

011912 002

Then I dusted this accent table because even though I dusted it last week (I think?) it was dusty again. And underneath a new batch of dust bunnies had moved in!  Dust is one enemy I enjoy putting in its place! The TRASH.

011912 004

I vacuumed the living room because a certain adorable 8 month old was playing on it and I noticed all the yucky pieces of random household debris. It's clean Baby Zachary, you can come back and play now!

011912 011

I am compensating for my photo taking shortage in previous posts tonight. Behold! A pictorial display of dust free surfaces:

011912 012

011912 013

011912 016

Are you amazed?! I cleared my dining room table tonight!  It's amazing what blogging about my messy table did to my motivation.  I gathered some empty boxes from around the house and got them to help in the DE cluttering:

011912 017

PARTY CENTRAL!  Now all my party goodies are corralled in boxes so we don’t have to eat in the living room for the next few weeks.  Alleluia!  As soon as I am done blogging, the table will cease to be decent. BUT!  I will clear it just in time for breakfast with the Princess.  After all, feeding her breakfast in front of the TV this morning was nooooot ok. 

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