Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 11: Cleaning must be a love language.

JW sure seems happier now that I have turned into a cleaning lady. And by cleaning lady I am being literal not sarcastic Smile.   I was grumpy today for fear I wouldn’t have time to fulfill my job. Ely and I were busy being sociable today so we didn’t get home till about 3pm.  After a bath and making dinner, I didn’t get around to cleaning until after 7pm.  On top of that I felt lazy and didn’t feel like doing anything big.  So I decided to do our dining room light fixture. I have noticed dust and cobwebs for some time so I was glad to finally wipe it down. After all, what good is a hot bowl of lentil soup if you have lint flying into your bowl? Here is a pic to prove I cleaned it:

011112 004

I hand washed the glass parts and broke 3 bulbs in the process of unscrewing them! Who knew cleaning could be so destructive? Since I have never been a clean freak, I had no idea.  After the light fixture, I tackled the blinds above my kitchen sink. No pictures to prove it though, my photog was busy watching reality television.   Those blinds were so gross!!!  It grossed me out because all that dingyness was so close to our food prep area!  Then I Windexed the windows and used alcohol (don’t worry rubbing) to rub out some sticky tape residue. I rubbed so hard it made my arms sore.  JW is begging me to turn the lights out so I need to wrap this up.

Other things I cleaned:

  • Dining room table top & swept under it
  • Cleaned sink with baking soda and water & the sink backsplash

Check back in tomorrow!

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