Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 10: Cleaning is like running.

Because the hardest part of cleaning is the first 5 minutes. And just like running, once you get going, it's hard to stop. I am almost sure that 'cleaner's high' is a real chemical release much like runner's high.  Just like God gave us the endorphins to compensate for the pain of running, I believe He also rewards us with endorphins for engaging in a task as unpleasant as grime removal.

The genius of this divine plan is that (at least for me) an activity that is painful and sometimes unpleasant actually becomes pleasurable.  And when something becomes pleasurable I want to do it over and over again.   And the last reason cleaning is just like running is that the best part about it is finishing!

Today I started my cleaning during Ely's nap.  I didn’t want to clean because I felt so tired but once I got all my supplies out, I started to get excited about it, isn't that sick?  I decided to torture myself yet again and continue my blinds cleaning.  After all if I clean the living room blinds, I get to watch TV. As I Windexed the windows, I noticed how gross the other side of the window was. You can guess what I did next.

011012 001


Here is my self portrait after I had cleaned the outside windows.

011012 004


Look at the nastiness of the window ledge!

011012 005

The living room felt so fresh with clean windows!

011012 006

Suddenly I had to dust everything my eyes could see. The lamp:  (Eeeeeewwww!)

011012 007

The faux tree:

011012 008

I didn’t have nice things to say to this phony tree as I was dusting it (with a towel dampened with all purpose cleaner) leaf by leaf!! But I have to say that after seeing how shiny and clean it got, I no longer wanted to go throw it in the trash.

I was able to clean our end table and accent table with wood polish too. Then I noticed a colony of dust bunnies under the accent table and next to the TV so I swept them all up too.

Thank you Aunt Benna & Uncle Roger for our blue OR towels, they are great on windows!

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