Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 12: Top O' the Fridge

Today I realized there are only 3 weeks left before Ely's 3rd birthday and I have done ZERO planning.  The only logical thing to do was to have a freak out fest.  This of course led to the worst day ever. OK, not ever but definitely the worse day we have had this week. Three TV shows in a row turned Ely into a zombie and a grumpy one at that. I thought a trip to the Y would make us both feel better but the Pilates just left me feeling like a weenie. Then the dumbest thing to do was to take Eliana to  Wal-Mart.  Three words to describe that trip: Meltdown, screaming, humiliation.  I had some very unholy thoughts towards my screaming child today.   Did I mention she mooned me at Party City?  She didn’t think it through very well though. It wasn’t hard to spank her in that position. Although I didn’t spank her very hard since she inadvertently put herself in a very vulnerable stance.  Mooning your mother is not the smartest sin to commit.


  I finally gave up on my party planning at about 10pm. Instead I opted for a more productive and satisfying task: cleaning. But at 10pm I was pretty pooped from the day so the quickest thing to clean was the top of the refrigerator. I am definitely not cheating but this was not an overachieving day in the cleaning department either.  I did wipe down the kitchen sink with baking soda though. 

Here is a weird pic of my dust-free refrigerator top.  I have no idea what I will clean tomorrow, but we are definitely NOT going to Wal-Mart OR Party City.

011212 005

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