Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 24: I did not enjoy cleaning today.

I have cleaned nearly everything I can think to clean except Ely's playroom. Which is why I was so grumpy about cleaning today. Her playroom is full of toys and for months I have not rearranged her toys or furniture.  I started to clean the windows today and only cleaned one. Boo hoo! Eliana was awake during my cleaning and was begging  to help. I told her she could help by taking the toys out of her playroom and putting them into the kitchen. But of course she didn’t understand what that meant. Silly me. So I assigned her the slide instead. She was excited to squirt the all purpose cleaner most of all! 

012412 015

Here she is on her sparkly clean slide. 

012412 021

Unfortunately after she cleaned it she wouldn’t stop asking me to watch her dance. So I had to ask her to leave the playroom. That did not go over so well.  So I had to throw in my dirty rag and give up until tomorrow. But at least ONE of her playroom blinds and window is clean. Here is Ely posing with her ONE clean window.

012412 019

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