Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 31: Sewing Room

My favorite cleaning projects are the ones where I am cleaning something I am about to use. My friend Gina inspired me to make a party dress for Ely earlier this week. I didn’t take a before picture of the sewing room but if you see these after pictures you can just use your imagination.  I promise this is organized for my sewing room.  After decluttering, I cleaned the table and the desk because they had gotten so dusty!  BUT I have yet to dust the blinds (last blinds in the house….) and vacuum.

020112 053

Making the dress was a 3 part process. Step 1: Go to JoAnn and buy orange fabric. Step 2: Clean the sewing room and finally Step 3: Make the dress!  On the left of my desk is evidence of Ely's shenanigans.

020112 054

While I decluttered feverishly, Miss Ely enjoyed all the free space to play in. Since before there was nowhere to walk! Here is Baby Boy getting his breakfast.

020112 058

Here is my lovely assistant.

020112 060

Here was the end of Step 1. All my materials in place!

020112 062


I stayed up until 5:30am finishing the dress because I knew if I left any of it for Day 32, it would either not get done or get in the way of my other hundred things to do. I am quite pleased with results! And considering that Ely just had to wear it for her nap, I have to say she's happy with it too.

020112 066

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