Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 51: Patio cleaning, part 1

It was nearly 80 degrees in Cedar Park today. Praise the Lord!  With weather like this, it is a sin to stay indoors. Ely and I were playing when I noticed how gross all her outdoor toys are. The patio was  also in poor shape, littered with leaves and sand. And the furniture arrangement…a tragedy.  The weather motivated me to clean but also the fact that we have 2 gorgeous girlies coming over tomorrow and they happen to love playing with Ely outside!!  Who can play in such filth? Well actually they totally can but I need to clean!!

022112 001

Ely was trying to blow bubbles with her non spill bubble bucket we bought last summer but it wasn’t working. I was disgusted when I opened it and found a mysterious mixture of brown rain water and bubble solution. Eeeeeww!  Tomorrow it will be as clean as new. I immediately dumped out the brown water but you can see a little grime on the blue bucket base.

022112 002

The concrete pad I call a patio was covered in leaves and sand. I swept it all onto the grass. Don’t tell JW. I'm not sure if that’s good for the grass.

022112 003

Ely's little picnic table is also filthy and will be cleaned tomorrow.

022112 005

This poor little baby stroller…probably should have never been let outdoors but tomorrow it will once again be clean enough for a baby doll.  Can you tell I'm a sucker for extreme makeovers?

022112 006

And here is my gorgeous girl delighting herself in beating Foofa as hard as she can.

022112 019

And here is the after shot of the patio. Although I moved the slide OFF the concrete after I noticed a warning on it saying: Never place on hard surfaces. Oops. After a fun and soapy cleaning session tomorrow morning, we will be ready for our playdate!

022112 022

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