Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 33: Surprisingly clean day


I should go ahead and say that there will be no pictures today. Boo hoo!!! My camera has been charging ever since it wouldn’t take pictures for me. It does that when the battery is low.  Baby Zachary came to play today and he was most helpful in pointing out the dustiest areas!  He is a great crawler and was very drawn to our internet router below the TV and the oven drawer in the kitchen. I immediately ran for the all purpose cleaner and towel.  Of course he wanted the cleaner!

In preparation for Saturdays big party, I also swept and mopped the kitchen and dining room.  I also asked JW to vacuum, apparently I was being bossy about it. Nevertheless, our party cleaning is coming along.  Tomorrow is the last day for planning and preparing. Yikes.  I hope to sweep and mop the living room and prune the playroom of toys. I also need to hide the multitude of clutter on our kitchen counter. In addition to finishing the goody bags, making rainbow Jell-O, blowing up balloons, putting finishing touches on unfinished decoration projects and finally determining which projects I can finish and which I have to give up on. Please pray the LORD gives me a supernatural concept of time for the next 48 hours! Not. Joking.

I do have one picture to show from my phone. Eliana took this while I gave her a Birthday Princess Rainbow Pedicure. Don’t her toes look yummy? There I said it. I have a baby toe fetish.

2012-02-02 17.54.39

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