Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 49, 50 & 51: Uneventful cleaning…

Day 49: I swept the dining room, whoop- dee-doo.

Day 50:  Was actually interesting but not for cleaning purposes. I fasted from food all day so I struggled all day with fatigue and low blood sugar. So early in the day at Sunday school I made sure to be the one to sweep and wipe the bathroom down after class was out. Isn't that convenient?  I also cleaned my heart out to God during my fast Smile

Day 51: If yesterday I fasted, today I gorged. I really ate too much food, bleh.  I ate and and ate just out of compulsion!  Worse yet, I made a really yummy corn salsa and accidentally put 6 cloves of raw garlic in it!  I ate a lot of it then realized that eating that much raw garlic feels like pouring cement into my stomach. Part of why I ate too  much is because I kept trying to eat something to get rid of the awful taste on my tongue. Nothing works, not Jello, not chocolate, not dinner, not ice cream, not even brushing.

I felt yucky all day and did not feel like making a big cleaning production. Fortunately JW asked for a night off of cleaning up the kitchen so once again, saved by Provision. I cleaned everything up and had a scraping session with the stovetop. I used  a kitchen knife (don’t try this at home) because JW forgot to buy me a razor at Home Depot. He is not happy with me for using our kitchen knife to clean. Maybe now he will remember to buy my razor.  Our kitchen is sparkly…until morning.  Tomorrow I will read my Idiot book for inspiration because yet again it has left me high and dry.

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