Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 48: Closet Purification

Yesterday I needed a fresh dose of motivation for my cleaning craze, so I read my Idiot book.  There is a page that offered some tips on cleaning out  a clothing closet. My closet is sometimes my prayer refuge and other times my dirty laundry disposal. It is out of control. And if it is messy, I do not feel like praying in there AND I never know what to wear!! Both situations are unacceptable to my life.  Here is a before picture.

021712 002

The book recommends taking EVERYTHING out of your closet. I am an extreme kind of girl so that sounded like a fabulous idea. It was important for me to start this project early in the day so that I had all day to work through the piles. I didn’t want JW to come home to the disaster but it happened anyway.  I took all the clothes out on this back wall and here is the bare result. Once it was empty I vacuumed and…drumroll please…cleaned the baseboards. I love cleaning baseboards. Does that make me weird?

021712 004

Here are the piles. Both my Quinceañera dress an my wedding dress are among the rubble. 

021712 008

Because I have become a Dust Hater, I sprayed a rag with all purpose cleaner and cleaned my shelf.

021712 009

The book recommended sorting everything in your closet in 3 piles: Keep, Toss and Give Away. I skipped the Toss pile and gathered about 40 garments to give to Goodwill.  The author also recommended sorting clothes according to use. For example, office clothes, work out clothes, etc.  But I am obsessed with rainbows….

021712 016

The author also recommended tossing out your shoe boxes and getting a shoe rack so shoes can dry more thoroughly. This step is hard for me because I love collecting and repurposing boxes but I cannot hoard 10 shoe boxes!   But fortunately I have a 3 tier shelf inside my closet that I was previously using for miscellaneous things. It is now my shoe rack/t shirt shelf.  Notice all the empty hangers above!  Just last week I was frustrated because I had run out of hangers, now my cup runneth over!

021712 025

I even found room for towel storage and purses with those bulky shoe boxes out of there. Don’t worry they will get recycled Smile.

021712 024

I am very excited about my now gorgeous closet. Now that I have a better idea of what clothes I have (and where they are) I am going to spend some time tomorrow putting outfits together so I don’t fret every time I have to get dressed. Fun!

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