Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Days 38 &39: Miserly

Day 38 was a very busy day. I barely remember it….oh yes!  Ely and I got to go to Lakeshore for educational toy shopping! We were there for hours. The teacher inside of me wished for a million dollars to buy everything but the mom in me realized that would never buy me the time to teach Ely everything I want to teach her. So we came home with magnetic letters & numbers and Unifix cubes!!!  After Christmas and her birthday bonanza it is time to settle down once again and resume our Alphabet Lessons. All this to explain why I am very pressed for time this week and why I have been cleaning like a miser. Day 38 I cleaned the stovetop. It had not been cleaned since JW caramelized 8 whole onions for the party! I don’t have a picture because my camera was being snotty but today it finally took pictures for me. Here is what I cleaned today (Day 39). The top shelf of my fridge. Yup, just the top shelf.

020812 001

Because I am nerdy, I looked in my Idiot book to see how the author recommends cleaning the fridge. She said to use soapy warm water so I took the shelf out and awkwardly washed it in the sink.

020812 002

Here is the new and improved top shelf.  Maybe tomorrow I will get to shelf #2. I have much lesson planning to do!

020812 003

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