Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 40: Refrigerator Part 2

This is the slowest refrigerator cleaning ever! But here is the 2nd shelf, which actually was a shelf and drawer. My camera is being defiant again so these pics are from my phone.

2012-02-09 18.39.11

Here is a close up of the filth.

2012-02-09 18.39.18

Had to pull the whole thing out together until I realized these come apart! Washed it with warm soapy water then had to spot clean with all purpose cleaner since there was some sticky spots.

2012-02-09 18.41.36

And here is the reorganized 2nd shelf and drawer. Yes, I know this is super boring but today I am choosing boring and accountable then exciting and off the cleaning wagon…

2012-02-09 19.01.39

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