Saturday, February 4, 2012

Days 34 & 35: Party Time!

Day 34 was an insane day of errands and last minute party preparations. I DID NOT CLEAN A SINGLE THING! Until 12:50am that is. At 12:50am, I cleaned a kitchen counter so I could put party stuff on it! By then, it was no longer technically Day 34 but I will give myself grace for the day!

Day 35 was like a race. A race against time to get as much accomplished before 11am. I needed to dust the living room but I only got to the tables and neglected the bookshelf. Then I noticed the floor below our little accent table, aka, Dust Bunny Colony, was once again littered with filth! So I ran for the Dust Buster and sucked up as many as I could before guests arrived.  By 11am I was sweating profusely (thanks a lot sweat glands) and trying to get some make up on my face as well as tease my hair.

Here is a great shot of us right before we (sadly) cut the gorgeous cake my friend Gina made.

020412 172

And since I mentioned the gorgeous cake, I suppose I should show it! Isn't it great?

020412 149

My mom & sister in law were very to sweet to host a cleaning after party for us! My mom was doing a great job of helping until she started to take decorations down!! I nearly cried! When I spend this much time and energy making and hanging decorations….they are going to stay up until JW gets sick of them.  My mom and sis in law did so much putting away of things while I took a break, yay!  But I had to draw the line at sweeping. My mom was sweet to offer but I insisted she let me and I had to be honest. I love to sweep.  I made my sister my photojournalist.

020412 183

Lots of sweating. Lots of partying. Lots of cleaning. Great day!

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