Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 32: Finish, my mantra for the week.

After I laid Ely down for her nap, I made myself dizzy cleaning, decluttering and tidying as much as I could possibly do before she woke up. Here is a before picture of Party Central. It is now back to regular old Dining Room. But soon will become Party Room for one day.

020112 068

Here is my workspace.  I just remembered I forgot to take an after picture!!! Grrrr!  Please close your eyes and imagine this table empty and clean with placemats on it!  I sorted all my materials and took 95% of my party planning things upstairs to the sewing room.

020112 070

Then I gave some much needed love to the front door, interior..and sideboards.

020112 071

I get a very strange pleasure out of cleaning sideboards!!

020112 072

Here is the nastiness I freed the entryway from.

020112 074

Finally the door was ready for Muno.

020112 075

One good door cleaning deserves another. I had never, ever cleaned the exterior of a front door. YUCK! I cant believe I never noticed how filthy it was. Notice my Christmas sign…

020112 076

Here is a close up of the filth.

020112 077

And a clean after shot.

020112 079

And once clean, it too was ready for adornment.

020112 080

And here is a gratuitous picture of my best beater cleaner.

020112 086

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