Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 37: the Princess's Quarters

I had a wild morning of productivity since Ely slept in and I did not. During the party planning period I enjoyed many late nights, but now that the party has come and gone I am loving myself by going to bed earlier.  Monday keeps turning into laundry day so today I washed our sheets (Ely's sheets got washed Saturday), towels, cleaning rags (yay!), kitchen towels and my dainties. Then when Ely woke up I stormed her bedroom with her morning mango juice and all purpose cleaner. Her room was a bit dusty, though not the blinds or windows since they were recently cleaned, and messy. Here is her nightstand/dresser…a bit disorderly.

020612 010

Mirroring is not always a bad thing. Here is Ely cleaning her piano while I clean her bookshelf.

020612 016

Here she is cleaning her dresser fervently while I continue to clean her bookshelf. I keep telling her that princesses have clean homes. LOL! So what if they also have paid cleaning ladies and I am neither?

020612 017

This is a before shot of her dirty and disorganized bookshelf.

020612 009

I emptied all her storage boxes because somehow they get hair and random lint in them. Here is one sparkly clean. I dusted the lamp, IPOD player, Bibles, etc. and reorganized it a bit.

020612 019

Here is the bookshelf clean and organized. The Teacher Bug inside me is screaming for me to make some cute picture labels for those storage boxes.  Save me Rational Thought!

020612 020

I know this is weird, but I take great joy in cleaning Ely's things and rearranging her furniture and toys. Can anyone in the world explain to me what that is about??

020612 021

And here is her dresser clean and rearranged. Joy!

020612 028

I also swept the floors a few times until I realized that the mud I was sweeping up was under Ely's new glass slippers!  At least the mud was dry.

I am not sure what I will clean tomorrow but it is nice to start the week with clean laundry. I have been pretending the refrigerator doesn’t need to be cleaned for….all this year. Sigh. I may get motivated enough this week….I do not enjoy cleaning the refrigerator.

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