Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 52: Patio, part 2 and then some

So this  morning when I stepped outside to see our patio, it was littered in leaves again! Ha! Oh well, but look how clean our bubble bucket is.

022212 007

The stroller is totally baby doll worthy now. (Though not a great picture)

022212 022

I had some help with the picnic table from Ely and her girlfriend Coco. Little girls cannot resist cleaning!

022212 023

I also gave some considerable TLC to our window seats. My window seats were previously extremely cluttered with all my teaching materials for Ely's alphabet lessons. I sorted, chunked and organized it all.  What you see here are highly organized and streamlined window seats. Really. Seriously. This is neat. It's my downstairs home office Smile 

022212 025

Count the bags on this seat…yeah baby, just one!!

022212 026

And perhaps my proudest DEcluttering today, I got a 3 drawer mobile organizer for the crazy overflow from Ely's educational materials. Maybe I can find things easier now.

022212 027

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