Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 46: Cleaning is often hairy…at least for me.

I had started this job last week and today was so nice outside that I finished it and then some. I swept up our back porch.

021512 004

After I shook out our mat I noticed it was coated with a freaky layer of hair. It was mostly my hair because it was long and dark. How did it end up there??

 021512 008

I was inspired by my Idiot book to think of a creative way to pick it all up. Duct tape is my friend.

021512 009

That is definitely my hair. I do not stand on my welcome mat and pull my hair out, I promise!

021512 011

The hairless  mat.

021512 012

And my Cinderella.

021512 016

While outside I also cleaned a couple of Ely's outdoor toys and 2 car windows. Then I went upstairs and tried to declog my bathroom sink drain because I clogged it with all of my…hair.  My Idiot book says to pour 1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar down the drain to declog it. Wait a couple of hours and then pour lots of hot water down the drain too. My sink is less clogged so I may do another round of declogging on Day 47.  Day 47 I will tackle my shower stall with my new orange cleaner, yay!

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