Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 63 through 65: Ketchup cleaning

Day 63 I relied on my Sunday school clean up duty, yet again. But I hit a personal record in running! The last 5K I ran was before Ely was born and I ran in about 31 minutes. My goal for Sunday was to be in the 29 minute range and I came in at around 28:55! Yay me, Glory to God, whose Spirit is one of strength and ability! (2 Timothy 1:7)

So Day 64 I started to catch up a little on my housework. I blessed the name of JW since he finally got me a razor to scrape the stovetop with. It was so rewarding to remove old food stains! I'm not done cleaning the burners but I made ok progress.

030612 004

I also washed Ely's tub.  We like to color with bath crayons and it was definitely time to wash it all off.

030612 005

Ta daaa!

030612 008

Today was Day 65 and after a torturous dental cleaning I managed to at least clean Ely's toilet bowl. I don’t have pictures but once again I love, love, love my BioKleen toilet bowl cleaner!!!!!

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